Reporting South Africa is produced by students from American colleges and universities and strives to be a reliable resource for news and information about this country.  Student reporters, photojournalists and filmmakers, we are on the ground in South Africa as part of an innovative new journalism program.  South Africa: Social and Political Transformation is a collaboration between SIT Study Abroad and Round Earth Media. Via Round Earth’s groundbreaking partnership model, this program pairs American students with South African journalism students who speak English. Mentored by Round Earth’s veteran editors, we produce a major feature story from South Africa. When these stories are exceptional, Round Earth’s editors help place our journalism – important untold stories from South Africa – in top-tier media outlets in the US.

SIT Study Abroad’s institutional partner in South Africa is the ___________.

Beverley Abel

Imraan Buccus has an undergraduate degree in education and a master’s degree in social policy from the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). He is currently a PhD fellow at UKZN’s School of Politics, where he has also been a lecturer. He is widely published in academic journals and book chapters and is the former editor of the journal Critical Dialogue and the current editor of Democracy Dialogue. He is currently a columnist for Durban’s popular paper Mail & Guardian and is often called upon by television and radio stations to offer political analysis.

During apartheid, Imraan was active in student politics. In 2008 he was an Open Society Foundation Media Fellow, and in 2009 he appeared on the prestigious Mail & Guardian list of South Africa’s 200 Leading Young South Africans. Imraan worked as academic coordinator at Workers’ College, a progressive college for trade union members. He was involved in multiple international research projects and co-authored the National Framework on Public Participation for the South African government. During his time at the Centre for Public Participation, he led an initiative to bring policymaking spaces closer to ordinary people and led a project to assess participatory democracy in Namibia.

Paddi Clay has 40 years of experience in news media, and has a Masters in Journalism Leadership, from the University of Central Lancashire, UK. She began working on air while a teenager, and started her journalism career as a copy editor on the Reader’s Digest in South Africa. She trained as a reporter through a cadetship at SA Associated newspapers and went on to report and write for local and international media houses and broadcasters before moving into management, training and consultancy roles across print, radio and digital news. She has been a life long campaigner for freedom of expression, the airwaves and the media in South Africa. For the past 20 years she has focussed on training, and developing the talents of hundreds of young journalists working on many different platforms in South Africa. In 2007 she was awarded Columnist of the Year. 


marymachu6Mary Stucky is the Co-founder of Round Earth Media and a long-time contributor to National Public Radio, Stucky shared in a 2006 Peabody Award for her reports on Hmong and Chinese immigrants in the documentary Crossing East: Our History, Our Stories, Our America.




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